Day 1

I wanted to start earning money, but unfortunately, I didn’t know where to begin. The first “MAKE MONEY” banner took my attention, that’s how I end up on this site

On the main page I read that I get paid to click on ads and visit websites, $0.01 for each. Actually I didn’t burn with a desire to earn money this way, but I promised to try every possible way of making money online, so I registered and started working.

After 20 minutes of visiting several sites I earned 0,23 $. First impression: “does someone really try to make money here?”

First dirty trick is that you can’t payout, until you reach 10 $, so if you get 0.23 a day like me you’ll need 43 days to get your trifling sum, and of course no guaranties that they will pay you after all.

In short, it’s a profitable scam. Profitable only for owners of course. Such sites as:,,, and etc. charge 19.50 $ for 1000 views and users like me do all job.

The saddest thing is that some people still desperately try to earn some money on sites like these, not even surfing but also buying different membership packages for 15, 30, 50 and even 100 bucks. Why are they doing it? I don’t have an answer, even I don’t want to test it on myself. So no more surfing scams, I got a real dial now. I’ve received an email that I won a big prize…

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