Day 5

I decided to post on my new blog once or twice a day. Also I registered on feedburner, (it will help me to track my statistics) and added subscription via email.

I even created an account on Google AdSense program. Actually it’s a huge battle in the internet between people who think that you need to add AdSense as fast as you can, on first or second day. That way you won’t lose any money and people get used to your advertising. Other think that you can add it later, if your site is not popular you won’t make much money anyway and without intrude information more people come back to your blog. Hard to say who’s right, I just wanted to see how AdSense works, that’s why I added it so soon.

First impression was only positive. After an email of approving my application from google, I added Adsense to my new blog in a few minutes. I decided to place Adsense between my blog posts, it seems the best way but let’s see how productive it’ll be.

So far my new blog got 2 subscribers without any promotion. I’ll start a little advertising company tomorrow and as always I’ll tell about results.

Day 4

Scam, scam and scam again. It’s so hard to find some really decent information about making money online, maybe I’m not searching in the right place? Maybe I should try something simple and real like blogging? A lot of people get paid, you can find a lot of images with big pay checks, so why can’t I try it?

First I visited the most famous blogs, I read a lot of information and books about blogging but the most interesting idea was that “99% of people who try to generate serious income from their blogs will fail”.

99%... wow… I thought writing a blog is easy if you know the 3 Golden rules. You don’t know them? Actually it’s a big secret, which knows only top 100 bloggers I guess. But I’ll tell you them anyway:

1. Don’t start your blog if you want to make some money.
2. Find where you really good at and write about it 5 times a week.
3. Don’t give up, keep writing, even if nobody reads you.

Yes, it’s that simple, and if you really think about it, these 3 rules have everything you should know before starting your own blog. People are writing books, articles and making videos but they don’t go any farther from these 3 rules.

The main problem is that I want to make money from my blog, it’s my goal, so will it be a huge problem? Actually yes, because if I see that I’m not getting paid I’ll give up sooner. So perhaps if I find some interesting topic which I would really like and getting money from blogging became less important than writing, I’ll give it a try.

So I started searching for an idea, but it was too hard to think up something really new. I liked an idea about collecting the best recipes, but cooking is not my thing, so I looked over tons of topics “celebrities, sports, movies, music, books” but a lot of people writing about it. Why someone is going to read my blog?

I almost give up, but finally I realized that one of my abilities is making stupid things. And I could use it. I could give some tips, also stupid, which might work. That’s how I end up with Of course it would be better to buy a domain name, and perhaps I’ll do this later, it’s just I really wanted to start.

So I wrote my first article “Your boyfriend is cheating with your best friend? Top 10 Revenges!”. As you can see it’s really a stupid topic, but let’s see what happens.

Cash Gifting Scam!

I found a new scam - and it's a really scary thing. It's so called "Cash gifting". You give someone 500 bucks as a gift, and after that you wait for someone else to send you this 500 as a gift too. Yeah, right. But seriuosly, how dumb you should be to sign on it? Huh?

They say it's totally legal and they are right, because you give your money as a gift, you ask nothing in return!!! They don't even give you a peace of paper worth nothing, as the most scams do!!! These people usually say how much money they make, and you can see a lot of videos on youtube. Really guys... Think. Where are the money coming from?

How can they pay you more than you paid them? Why did they need you for? They are rich, they can do anything... Why the hell they are posting on youtube how wealthy are they?

So as I said before, if you still are gonna try this cash gifting thing, you don't deserve 500 bucks anyway...

Day 3

Have you ever dreamed of making money online just playing games? Me too, but I always thought it’s not possible, until I read about a guy who claimed he did. I was so excited with his successful story, so I just typed as fast as I could to try it on myself.

But after filling all the forms I found out that I wouldn’t get paid for playing. And actually I need to pay them for as they call it “Independent Associate” or “Game Promoter”. What is that mean? You will have to purchase a self replicating games platform website for 200 bucks or so. But I wasn’t prepared for paying I just wanted to earn some money for playing!

My dream has crushed. After a few minutes of consideration I realized that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to invest in something, especially in game business, so I was trying to find out how the system works? But I just couldn’t find it. More and more surfing made me more angry. I read too much about My opportunities and what I have to do. How could they have a huge page of successful stories (40 people!!!) but nothing specific? Looks like a scam.

So I just closed their site and started searching about uvme in the net. And in a few minutes I found out that uVme actually means “You vs Me”. Great name. So who do you think is winning? I bet the creator of this scam who calls himself “me”. And pretty interesting that uVme has a lot of in common with Amway scam. They have the same ideas, terms and even ranks. That explains a lot.

I lost another day for nothing, so next time I’ll see the words “opportunity” or “successful story” I’ll just close the site as fast as I can. Honestly I’ll better be a part of “fair scam” like “”, where just only for one buck you can magically make $96,855,122.25. Why is it fair? Cause you just see their main page and you know that’s a typical pyramid scam. And if you don’t see that it’ll be fair to give them a dollar.

Day 2

You’ve heard about people who are selling their photos and getting paid? Me too, so I decided to try it on myself.

That’s how I end up on This site could help you to sell your photos. It has 3,677,912 royalty-free stock photos and 101,811 photographers, seems pretty encouraging.

My first mistake was that I registered on the main page but it is only for buyers. Sellers should register on It says here that “You can earn $500 (US) per month!” Not too bad for a few photos I guess. Actually I’m not a professional photographer, but of course I have a several great photos, which I’m really proud of.

So I registered once again. But this time it wasn’t so easy. After filling all the forms, they asked me to send my id with the photo. Explanation is easy. Shutterstock wants to be sure that photos you are selling actually yours, not something you just downloaded a few minutes ago.

I scanned and send them my id. I was waiting for their reply almost a day and when I finally got it, I was ready to start making some money online. The terms are easy, as a newcomer you need to send 10 your best photos and the minimum size of uploaded image is 4 MP.

After a half an hour of making my top 10, I downloaded my best photos. Another 30 minutes I killed for writing description and tag words, but I finally I did everything they asked me to. I hoped to see my photos on the site, but I learned that shutterstock need to approve my photos first. So I have to wait one more day and when I felt the smell of online money I finally got the results and they weren’t pretty.

6 of my 10 photos weren’t approved. They wrote about some problems with colors and white balance. I thought about getting my photos to a friend, who works as a professional photographer, but the funnies thing was that shutterstock banned my account for a month. They do this if more than 3 of your photos haven’t been approved. Yes, that’s only my fault that I didn’t take it seriously, I didn’t work on my photos in photoshop but still I would like to ask shutterstock two questions "one month, really?" and "why didn’t you mention this before?"

So, if you think that you can easily earn some money from your photos, you're wrong. If you not take it seriously, your photos won’t be approved and even if they do, you won’t sell them anyway. So if photography is your hobby and you know Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator better than yourself, you should give it a try, if not, it’s a lot of ways of making money online and I’ll try them all, I’m sure you’ll find something.

Day 1

I wanted to start earning money, but unfortunately, I didn’t know where to begin. The first “MAKE MONEY” banner took my attention, that’s how I end up on this site

On the main page I read that I get paid to click on ads and visit websites, $0.01 for each. Actually I didn’t burn with a desire to earn money this way, but I promised to try every possible way of making money online, so I registered and started working.

After 20 minutes of visiting several sites I earned 0,23 $. First impression: “does someone really try to make money here?”

First dirty trick is that you can’t payout, until you reach 10 $, so if you get 0.23 a day like me you’ll need 43 days to get your trifling sum, and of course no guaranties that they will pay you after all.

In short, it’s a profitable scam. Profitable only for owners of course. Such sites as:,,, and etc. charge 19.50 $ for 1000 views and users like me do all job.

The saddest thing is that some people still desperately try to earn some money on sites like these, not even surfing but also buying different membership packages for 15, 30, 50 and even 100 bucks. Why are they doing it? I don’t have an answer, even I don’t want to test it on myself. So no more surfing scams, I got a real dial now. I’ve received an email that I won a big prize…


Hey, my name is Ed and like everyone I want to know how to make some money online. When I wrote “some money” I meant 1 million dollars. Yes, that’s right 1 million and I know what you’re thinking “he’s nuts”. Maybe, but I’ve heard a lot of stories about people who gained their fortune online, so I decided to make an experiment, could an ordinary person earn some money online or not?

I’m 23 and I don’t know anything about online business yet, but from now on I’ll test each possible way of making money online by myself, so everyone could learn on my mistakes or I hope on my successful experience.

I don’t have any time limits, just a simple goal - to earn 1 million bucks online, let's see what will happen.