Cash Gifting Scam!

I found a new scam - and it's a really scary thing. It's so called "Cash gifting". You give someone 500 bucks as a gift, and after that you wait for someone else to send you this 500 as a gift too. Yeah, right. But seriuosly, how dumb you should be to sign on it? Huh?

They say it's totally legal and they are right, because you give your money as a gift, you ask nothing in return!!! They don't even give you a peace of paper worth nothing, as the most scams do!!! These people usually say how much money they make, and you can see a lot of videos on youtube. Really guys... Think. Where are the money coming from?

How can they pay you more than you paid them? Why did they need you for? They are rich, they can do anything... Why the hell they are posting on youtube how wealthy are they?

So as I said before, if you still are gonna try this cash gifting thing, you don't deserve 500 bucks anyway...

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