Day 3

Have you ever dreamed of making money online just playing games? Me too, but I always thought it’s not possible, until I read about a guy who claimed he did. I was so excited with his successful story, so I just typed as fast as I could to try it on myself.

But after filling all the forms I found out that I wouldn’t get paid for playing. And actually I need to pay them for as they call it “Independent Associate” or “Game Promoter”. What is that mean? You will have to purchase a self replicating games platform website for 200 bucks or so. But I wasn’t prepared for paying I just wanted to earn some money for playing!

My dream has crushed. After a few minutes of consideration I realized that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to invest in something, especially in game business, so I was trying to find out how the system works? But I just couldn’t find it. More and more surfing made me more angry. I read too much about My opportunities and what I have to do. How could they have a huge page of successful stories (40 people!!!) but nothing specific? Looks like a scam.

So I just closed their site and started searching about uvme in the net. And in a few minutes I found out that uVme actually means “You vs Me”. Great name. So who do you think is winning? I bet the creator of this scam who calls himself “me”. And pretty interesting that uVme has a lot of in common with Amway scam. They have the same ideas, terms and even ranks. That explains a lot.

I lost another day for nothing, so next time I’ll see the words “opportunity” or “successful story” I’ll just close the site as fast as I can. Honestly I’ll better be a part of “fair scam” like “”, where just only for one buck you can magically make $96,855,122.25. Why is it fair? Cause you just see their main page and you know that’s a typical pyramid scam. And if you don’t see that it’ll be fair to give them a dollar.

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