Day 5

I decided to post on my new blog once or twice a day. Also I registered on feedburner, (it will help me to track my statistics) and added subscription via email.

I even created an account on Google AdSense program. Actually it’s a huge battle in the internet between people who think that you need to add AdSense as fast as you can, on first or second day. That way you won’t lose any money and people get used to your advertising. Other think that you can add it later, if your site is not popular you won’t make much money anyway and without intrude information more people come back to your blog. Hard to say who’s right, I just wanted to see how AdSense works, that’s why I added it so soon.

First impression was only positive. After an email of approving my application from google, I added Adsense to my new blog in a few minutes. I decided to place Adsense between my blog posts, it seems the best way but let’s see how productive it’ll be.

So far my new blog got 2 subscribers without any promotion. I’ll start a little advertising company tomorrow and as always I’ll tell about results.

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